CEO's Message

It’s a tremendous honor to present our company. Whenever I’m asked about the extraordinary qualities of AL-HASEEB ENTERPRISES, my answer remains consistent: while our clients are fundamental to our operation, our greatest asset is our people. AL-HASEEB ENTERPRISES is a distinguished logistics company with years of expertise. Today, we boast a team of more than 10 dedicated employees and are experiencing robust growth.

Our team consists of individuals with a deep motivation and extensive experience in the logistics field, equipped with the most cutting-edge technology in the industry. Our full-time consultants, averaging over 10 years of experience, have a solid history of success prior to joining AL-HASEEB ENTERPRISES. Their backgrounds span operations, business development, supply chain planning, manufacturing, and technical advancements for a variety of stakeholders in the logistics field. Every employee is thoroughly trained and brings a broad spectrum of experience from numerous business sectors.